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Name: Kanji Tatsumi // Ochre  
Team: Tiamat
Sex: Male
Age: 16, but he looks older.
Hair/Eye Color:  Bleach blond and grey eyes
Height/Build: 6'0 and built like a fucking tank. Or, you know, the guy who took out a biker gang by himself.
Other: Three piercings in each ear, a nose stud, a large scar along his forehead, minor scarring along his chest and arms, and a skull-and-crossbones tattoo on his left arm.

Usually wearing the Tiamat uniform, never seen without his cloak. On 200, he started wearing the new prototype uniform, namely black pants, steel toed boots, and a black and magenta hoodie with the old Tiamat cloak and tunic.

As of 166 he wears a dragon broach pinned to his shirt. On 170 it was converted into his cloak pin. 

As of day 202 Ochre gained a shield emblazoned with the Caretaker's sigil.

Take-Mikazuchi is quite literally a twenty foot tall robot that Kanji summons out of thin air by destroying a tarot card. It's jet black, with a stylized skeleton painted on, and carries a large lightning bolt that's taller than Kanji himself.

When not summoned, it exists as a slightly separated portion of Kanji's psyche- it would feel like a shadow with a leash on it, if any telepaths have been around for a shadow game. When summoned, it would feel like Kanji's mind is split in two, half with his body, and the other half with Take-Mikazuchi. 
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The first (only? IDK) run of Ochreheart will be taking place on AUGUST 27TH, likely starting at 6:00pm EST. I'll have four days to run it in, from the 27th to the 30th, so if you can't make it at the starting gate just let me know and I'll set something up for you, since it's going to be solo runs anyway.

Additionally, as this is Ochre as of the last post I had him in, ie: after beeple, he was in kyr for a really long time and talked to a lot of people and did a lot of things. If there's any characters, players, events, games, or status effects you don't want to encounter in your run, let me know through a PP or a PM and I'll steer your run around those memories.

Chances are high for: Status effects, injuries, and memories of Awful Shit.
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[ So- we all won, went home, and resumed our lives.

And then some jackass figured out how to make portals to the other worlds.
Ochre broke 14k and Ishi broke 2k, so why not?

Also, I just love doing relationship babbling, and this is more organized than plurk SO.


I play Kanji Tatsumi//Ochre on Tiamat, Kian Alvane//Ishiyama on Epona, and maybe a quasitrama echo, I need to get that app sorted out.


Mar. 11th, 2016 08:46 pm
IP is off, anon is on, screening is on.
I broke 9k on Ochre, that's enough of a reason to do this.

I play OCHRE on Tiamat and ISHIYAMA on Alectryon

Ask me things
Just broke 5k comments, so this rather seems like the Thing To Do.

I play Ochre//Kanji and.... no one else.


WELP since I've hit 1k comments, might as well throw this out there. I've really only the one character in the ring, so ask me anything about Ochre/Kanji!